dr surender kumar child specialist at sethi hospital gurgaon

Dr Surender Kumar

Dr Surender Kumar has vast experience in the field of Paediatrics and Neonatology. Dr. Kumar did DNB and DCh in Paediatrics after doing MBBS from the University of Kerela in the year 2003. He has been dealing with Child Physical and Mental Health for the last 15 years. At Sethi Hospital, Dr Kumar provides Neonatal Resuscitation at the time of Child Birth and Vaccination Services from the time of birth till the age of 14 years.

Dr Kumar has special interest is in paediatric developmental neurology like development assessment of high risk newborn, Cerebral Palsy Selsure disorders, Language and speech problems, Learing disorders ADHD, Autism, Neuromuscular Impairment(NMI) etc.


Member of IMA

Member of Indian Academy of Paediatrics



dr surender kumar child specialist at sethi hospital gurgaon

Educational Qualifications

PG-DDN (Development Neurology) from Child Development Centre, Trivendrum, Kerela, 2014

DNB - Paediatrics, 2012

DCh from MLB Medical College, Jhansi, 2007

MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Trivendrum, Kerela, 2003


Special Interests



Cerebral Palsy Disorder

Growth Disorders

Infectious Diseases

Neuromuscular Impairment

Learning Disorders

Language and Speech Problems

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