best doctor for fracture surgery in Gurgaon

Bone Fracture

Patients can get the bones fractured in accident cases. The bone fracture can be simple or complex. In a simple fracture, the bone just cracks but is not displaced from its position. In such cases the doctor has to immobilize the bone by placing it under plaster. Within few days the bone under plaster fuses at the point where there has been a crack and joins together. Once the bone is joined as can be seen on an X-Ray, the doctor would cut the plaster and mobilize the body part again. In complex fracture the bone gets fractured and is displaced from its position. In such cases the doctor can go for closed reduction which means that the manipulation of the bone is done from the outside and then the bone is placed under plaster. In cases where it is not possible to manipulate the bone from the outside to get it back into the original position, the doctor has to perform a surgery by giving an incision and reaching upto the bone which might be fragmented and doing complete reconstruction. This type of surgery is called open reduction and fixation.

best doctor for bone fracture surgery in gurgaon

Bone Fracture Surgery

In open reduction and fixation surgery the orthopaedic doctor has to recreate the bone by assembling the broken fragments of the bone into the original shape and fixing them using different kinds of implants like plates, rods, wires and screws. These implants are made of Titanium or Steel and are MRI compatible. Once the fractured bone is reconstructed through open reduction and fixation, the area is put under plaster in order to immobilize it. Over a period of time, the broken bone fuses together and the immobilizing plaster can be removed thereby restoring mobility of the patient. The implant stays inside the body for an extended period of time till the fused bone becomes stronger. After this the implant can either by left inside or another surgery can be done to remove the implant. The patients who have brittle bones owing to low density due to osteoporosis can suffer from stress fractures and joining such bones using implants is a big challenge as the surgeon cannot drill holes into the brittle bones to place the screws.

best doctor for bone fracture in gurgaon

Best Doctors and Cost

Dr A.K.Sethi has more than 40 years of experience in the management of complex orthopaedic trauma. The cost of placing a simple plaster would be Rs. 5000 while the cost of orthopaedic surgery like open reduction and fixation would depend on the cost of the implant used in the surgery and the time taken for the surgery itself. These costs could be in the range of Rs. 20,000 - 1,50,000. The titanium implants are costlier than the steel implants but have better acceptance by the body. The surgery itself has to be done in extremely highly sanitized operation theatres to prevent any kind of infection to the implant. Once the implant gets infected then antibiotics also don't work and the implant has to be removed through another surgery. It is therefore very important to get the surgery done at a hospital which maintains very high standards of sterlization. Post surgery rehabilitation is extremely important in orthopaedic trauma cases in order to achieve good recovery and maximum mobility.

best hospital for bone fracture surgery in gurgaon

About Sethi Hospital

Sethi Hospital was setup in the year 1996 by the doctor couple of Dr. Ashok Sethi and Dr Pushpa Sethi in the city of Gurgaon. Initially the hospital offered services in the fields of Orthopaedics and Gynaecology but soon developed into a multi-specialty hospital offering complete range of secondary and tertiary level treatments. In the last 24 years, the hospital has treated more than 12 lac patients throught outdoor and indoor facilities. Sethi Hospital has won the trust of the patients on the basis of ethical and cost effective treatment. Middle class patients who have to self finance their medical treatment, find our pricing quite affordable for the quality of treatment given.

best doctor for fracture surgery in Gurgaon

Medical Technology

The state of art cutting edge medical technology deployed at Sethi hospital makes us a complete hospital for your medical treatment. Most of the patients who come for any kind of treatment normally require the facilities of ultrasound, colour doppler, echocardiography and digital x-ray within the hospital. Sethi hospital has all these facilities inhouse which means that the patient does not have to run from one place to another for getting the complete treatment. Inhouse pharmacy and pathology lab ensures that the attendants of the patients getting admitted at the hospital can have the peace of mind and do not have to run helter skelter.

best hospital for fracture surgery in Gurgaon

A Professional Medical Team

The team of doctors at Sethi hospital are some of the most experiencd medical professionals in the city of Gurgaon. Almost all our doctors have more than 15-20 years of experience in their respective fields. The doctors at Sethi Hospital are always trying to improve the medical and surgical outcomes and take active part in continous medical education programmes. Our team of doctors are assisted by highly trained paramedics in the diagnostic field. Our Nursing Team efficiently carries out the doctor's instructions and provide compassionate care which speeds up the healing process. The Physiotherapy Team makes sure that your recovery is quick and complete.

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